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You should save an amount of Rs. /- monthly to achieve a target of Rs. 1,00,00,000 /- over 20 years .

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Your monthly savings of Rs. 8,000 is expected to grow to Rs. /- over 20 years .

What is SIP and SIP Calculator?

A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) refers to a systematic mode of investment which allows investors to invest small amounts in a mutual fund scheme at regular intervals and earn potentially high returns in the long term. Through a SIP, an investor can invest an amount as low as Rs. 500 on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually basis in a mutual fund scheme while there is no maximum limit on how much one can invest. Investment in mutual funds via the SIP route is a popular choice among investors due to the following advantages:

  • Small amount is light on pocket: Individual SIP installments can be made with an amount as low as Rs. 500 which enables an investor to invest in a mutual fund scheme without feeling any financial burden.
  • Power of Compounding: Systematic Investment Plans provide investors with the benefit of the power of compounding. A SIP enables investors to earn returns not only on their principal investment but also on earned returns, thus, providing the power of compounding.
  • Less Risk: Since a small amount is invested via a SIP, the overall investment risk of an investor also remains low.

A SIP Calculator is a tool which helps you calculate your estimated SIP earnings at the end of a specific tenure for a specific amount that is invested periodically (usually monthly). Alternatively, it also enables you to calculate how large the amount of your periodic investment should be so that you can achieve your financial goal such as a corpus for retirement or an emergency fund for unexpected medical expenses in due time.    

Steps to Use Paisabazaar SIP Calculator

You can calculate your SIP returns i.e the SIP target corpus or your SIP monthly investment amount using the Paisabazaar SIP Calculator by following the steps below:

Step 1. Type in the SIP duration i.e the time period for which you intend to invest in a mutual fund scheme. The SIP duration can range from a few months to a few years.

Step 2. Estimate the rate of return on your investment. You can determine this by checking the performance track record of the mutual fund scheme in which you intend to invest. You can get the details regarding the returns of a mutual fund scheme either from its factsheet present on its fund house’s website or from

Step 3. The third variable that is required while using the Paisabazaar SIP calculator is the monthly SIP amount that you plan to invest in a mutual fund scheme of your choice  if you are using the calculator to estimate how much money will you get at the end of the SIP tenure. If you are using the calculator to estimate how much money you need to invest in a mutual fund scheme in order to get a specific amount at the end of your SIP tenure, then the third variable is the target corpus.

As the tool is free to use, investors can easily change any of the variables to estimate the different returns that they could receive in lieu of their investment. Currently, these calculators do not take into account either the capital gains tax you may incur or the probable inflation.

Benefits of Mutual Fund SIP Calculator

The Paisabazaar SIP Calculator helps investors make their mutual fund investment plans conveniently and quickly. The mathematical formula of SIP returns is extremely complex if done manually. Also, manual calculations are prone to error because of the complexity involved.

The use of the SIP calculator also evens the playing field for both new as well as experienced investors. You just need to enter three variables in order to generate the details regarding your planned SIP quickly and accurately.    

Why Should You Choose Paisabazaar for Your SIP Investment?

Paisabazaar is your one-stop platform for all types of mutual funds. We have tie ups with major fund houses operating in India and our services are provided to you free of any cost. Additionally, you can benefit from the recommendations of our in-house investment advisors who help you make investments that give you best returns as per your investment time horizon and risk appetite.

Our online investment platform allows you to easily compare and choose the mutual fund schemes which best suit your specific requirements using a SIP. The Paisabazaar SIP Calculator helps you easily and quickly calculate your SIP returns as well as determine how much money you need to invest on a periodic basis in order to achieve a targeted corpus after a predetermined period of time.