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Saraswat Bank

IFSC code, MICR code and Bank Branches in India

Saraswat Bank IFSC Code

The IFSC code of Saraswat Co-operative bank starts from SRCB0*******. It is a unique code of 11 characters consisting of both numbers and alphabets. It is required for making any online transfer of funds either through IMPS (immediate payment Services), RTGS (real time gross settlement) and NEFT (national electronic fund transfer).

How to read an IFSC code?
The first four digit will give you the name of the bank. The fifth digit is generally kept a zero while the last six digits are unique and represent a particular branch.

How to get IFSC code?
The easiest way to get IFSC code is through There is a tool called “IFSC code locator” which will give you IFSC code instantly. You need to select the bank, state and the branch , you will get the IFSC code. There are other ways of finding IFSC code. You can find it on The Reserve Bank of Inidia’s website. It has the entire list of IFSC code for each bank all branches that ar enabled with core banking solutions.

About Saraswat Bank

The Saraswat Co-operative bank society was established in September 1918 by J. K. Parulkar, N. B. Thakur and P.N. Warde and Shivram Gopal Rajadhyaksha. The society was convereted into a full-fledged urban co-operatve bank in 1933. In 1988, the bank was given the status of a scheduled commercial bank by the Reserve Bank of India. It is the first co-operative bank to provide merchant banking services. IN 1978, the bank got the license to deal in foreign exchange. Currently the bank has correspondent relationship in 45 countries covering 9 currencies with over 125 banks. The bank completed 75 years in 1992.