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Lakshmi Vilas Bank

IFSC code, MICR code and Bank Branches in India

Lakshmi Vilas Bank IFSC Code

The laxmivilas Bank’s IFSC code starts from LAVB0*******. IFSC code stands for Indian Financial System Code. This unique code helps in making the money transfer easier and quicker. All bank branches that are empowered with core banking solutions meaning they are capable of executing online transaction are given IFSC code by the Reserve Bank of India. These codes are allotted and maintained by Reserve Bank of India. The code consists of 11 characters in all. The first four characters give the name of the bank. The fifth character is a zero while the last six characters represent the bank’s branch.When you make an online transfer using any of the money transfer facilities such as NEFT (national electronic fund transfer), RTGS (real time gross settlement) and IMPS (immediate payment services), you will need the IFSC code. When the Reserve Bank of India executes any transaction containing transfer of money, it needs the IFSC code of the beneficiary account to complete the transaction. The IFSC code helps in reducing errors in case of money transfer.
You can get this IFSC code through’s tool called IFSC code locator by giving details such as bank name, state, city and branch. You can also get the IFSC code form the Laxmivilas bank’s website.

About Lakshmi Vilas Bank

The bank was incorporated in 1926 under Indian Companies Act. The bank is based out in Tamil Nadu. It obtained the commercial banking license from Reserve Bank of India in August 1958. Currently the bank has PAN India presence with a network of 404 branches and over 820 plus ATMs, supervised by 11 regional offices. ?