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IFSC code, MICR code and Bank Branches in India

Icici Bank IFSC Code

Electronic transfer of funds is very common these days. IFSC code has made it easier to transfer funds electronically. It is a unique code for each bank’s branch. It consists of 11 characters both digit and numbers. The first four characters give the bank’s name. The fifth character is always a zero. The last six characters give the branch’s detail. ICICI Bank’s IFSC Code starts from ICIC0*********.

Where you can find ICICI Bank’s IFSC Code list?
You can look for the ICICI bank’s IFSC code list in few clicks on Paisabazaar.com’s website. Under the Tools section will find the IFSC code locator. This will give you the bank and branch detail of all the banks in India. It will also give you the MICR (magnetic ink character recognition) code. It is a nine character code and is unique for every branch. You can find it on the bottom of your cheque.It helps in recognising the bank’s branch for cheque clearance. You can use this IFSC code to esily transfer your money using the three-national electronic fund transfer (NEFT), real time gross settlement (RTGS) and immediate payment system (IMPS) methods of money transfer.

What is the difference between NEFT, RTGS or IMPS?
NEFT is the most commonly used method of transferring money in India. RTGS is for transferring atleast Rs 2 lakh. Under RTGS money transfer happens on real time basis. Under IMPS one can transfer money 24X7 and 365 days through internet and mobile banking.

About Icici Bank

The largest private sector bank was established in 1994. The bank is headquartered in Mumbai. It has network of 4,050 branches and 12,890 branches.