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Abhyuday Co Op Bank Ltd

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Abhyuday Co Op Bank Ltd IFSC Code

The IFSC code of Abhyudaya Co-op Bank starts from ABHY0*****. IFSC code consists of 11 characters. The first four letters represent the name of the bank. The fifth character is generally a zero while the last six characters represent the branch of the bank.The code is unique for every branch which is enabled with core banking solutions. These days when electronic transfer of funds is very common, IFSC code has become very important. If you want to transfer funds, you need the IFSC code. If you want to buy a mutual fund or insurance online, you will need to provide your IFSC code. For making any online transfer through IMPS, NEFTor RTGS you will need IFSC code.

Where to get IFSC codes?
It is very easy to get IFSC code. You can get it in few clicks on Paisabazar.com through its IFSC code locator tool. You will have to select the name of the bank, state and branch; it will give you the IFSC code along with the full address of the branch. You can get the entire list of IFSC code on RBI’s website for each bank. You can also find it on the bank’s website.

About Abhyuday Co Op Bank Ltd

It was started as a co-operative society—Abhyudaya Co-op by a group of social workers and labour movement activists in 1964. The Abhyudaya Co-op credit society was converted into an Urban Co-op. In June 1965, the Abhyudaya Co-Op bank was established. The bank got the scheduled commercial bank status in September 1998. The area of operation of the bank is confined to three states—Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka.