Revised TDS Return

Revised TDS Return: Overview

Revised TDS return is required in order to correct or rectify some information erroneously entered in the form while filing your TDS return for a particular year. With the help of the designated website provided by TRACES i.e. The TDS Reconciliation Analysis and Correction Enabling System of the IT department you can easily rectify errors filled in the TDS from. Details pertaining to your PAN number and Challan entries can easily be verified and corrected with the help of TRACES.

The available website for rectification of errors in the return form is

It is the duty of the designated income tax officer to register the valid details of the tax payer in the TRACES system at the registered website of the government. You will receive a login id along with a password, once the registration process has been successfully completed. The login id and password so received will help you to rectify or correct the required information later.

Filing Revised TDS Return:

Request for Correction

  • Step1:  The tax payer has to login to the official webpage of the TRACES system available at He has to then enter his user ID and password. Having done that, he will have to enter his TAN/PAN number details and also punch in the text as displayed in the verification code box.
  • Step2: On completion of the above process, a Landing Page will be displayed at the screen. The user will have to click on ‘Defaults’ tab and then select ‘Request for Correction’ option displayed on the webpage.
  • Step3: He has to then submit a Correction Request Note. The user must make sure that he has scanned his digital signature along with the note as it is mandatory to submit one’s digital signature while applying for any kind of corrections in TDS Return forms with the help of TRACES.
  • Step4: He also has to enter various details such as the financial year pertaining to which the TDS has been filed, quarter, form type along with the correction category and latest token number. Having entered all the details correctly, the user has to click on the ‘Submit Request’ tab. This helps him in raising a request for making online corrections to an already filed TDS return.
  • Step5: The user has to check for any kind of Error Message that might appear on the screen owing to reasons such as incorrect search criteria entered, duplicate request raised, failure on the part of the user to submit a statement or an invalid token number entered.
  • Step6: The user has to keep in mind that he can file for a correction request if and only if a regular statement has been filed and processed and that all the prior rectifications pertaining to the particular statement has been successfully processed.
  • Step7: If all the credentials provided by the user are correct and valid, then the system will generate a request number and send the same to the user. This number will help the user to track his correction request status.

Steps Involved in Tracking Revised TDS Return Request

  • Step1:  The user has to log in to the official website of the TRACES system. He will have to click on ‘Defaults’ tab and then select ‘Track Correction Request’ option displayed on the webpage.
  • Step2: He then has to enter the Request number received by him previously or alternatively, he may also enter the request raised period. After entering the valid details, he has to choose the ‘View Request’ option to view his requests. He may also choose ‘View All’ option in case he wishes to view all requests raised by him.
  • Step3: The user may view the requests put by him. In case the user is an admin and wishes to view a request put forward on behalf of a sub user, then he may do so by following the same procedure.
  • Step4: The user may view the entire submitted request and track the status of the request.

Steps Involved in completing the Correction/Rectification Process

  • Step1:  The user will have to visit the TRACES website and check for the rectification status. If it shows as ‘Available’ then the user may freely proceed with the correction.
  • Step2: The user has to make sure that he enters the correct token number received by him along with the statements pertaining to the Return.
  • Step3: Once, the entered credentials has been validated and authenticated by the IT department, the modification process of the Challan or PAN details are commenced.

Key Points to be remembered while filing for a Revised TDS Return

  • Online revisions can be done only for statements issued post financial year 2007-08.
  • Online revisions are allowed only for PAN number and Challan alterations. Any other kind of revision to be made to the return should be initiated through TIN-FC.
  • The tax payer has to get himself registered with the online portal- TRACES in order to facilitate online rectification of the TDS form.
  • The alterations made in the TDS return statement should be provided multiple number of times in order to effect changes in the regular TDS report, whereas, THE TIN Central system acknowledges a regular statement only once.
  • Only the rectified statements that have been accepted by the TIN central system are treated as valid and considerable.
  • The user has to make sure that the updated changes/rectifications must be in accordance to the accepted changes in the TDS report.
  • The record which was previously overruled has to be clearly ascertained by the user.
  • The required rectifications to be made should be clearly entered in the record.

Partially Accepted Statements

Many times the rectified statements show status as being ‘Partially Accepted’. The user in this case has to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • The user has to make sure that he updates rectifications with respect to the accepted records in the TDS report.
  • The user must update the correct PAN number in his statement as soon as he is denied of any remuneration owing to wrongly entered PAN details.
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