Pan Card Status

Pan Card Status: Overview

PAN card is one of the most important documents in India required by any person who is eligible to pay income tax. PAN card in a sense brings transparency in conducting all the financial transactions and provides sufficient information to the Government of India. PAN card, though not compulsory for all the citizens of India, is compulsory for all those who pay Income Tax. A PAN card is required while purchasing and selling fixed tangible assets and is also required for filing of Income Tax Return. There are other avenues and instances when quoting a PAN Number becomes necessary. As such, individuals are advised to avail a PAN card.

What is PAN Card Status?

The application of the PAN Card’s status comes in when the PAN Application has been made but the card has not yet been received by the applicant. PAN status means the facility available to the holders of PAN card to check their respective PAN card status online. This facility of online checking of PAN card status provides relevant information to the holder of the PAN card about their PAN card delivery status. After the person has applied for the PAN card then he/she can check the details about their PAN card status. It is nothing but just the delivery status of the hard copy of PAN card.

How to Track PAN Card Status?

Usually, it takes 15 working days before the individual to receive his/her PAN card after the application has been made. The individual should not think that if he/she has not received his/her PAN card then they have to apply for a new PAN card. If they have not received their PAN card, the Government of India has made it easy for the applicants to track their application status by providing them with a 15 digit acknowledgement number for the same.

There are three ways in which the applicant can check Pan Card status and the steps are as follows:

  1. SMS facility.
  2. Telephone call.
  3. Online facility.


This is the easiest method of tracking the PAN card status. The applicant can check their PAN card status by this facility of SMS. The applicant can check their PAN card status within the stipulated time period but after 3 days of submission of the application form. In this method, the applicant is required to send an SMS which is – NSDLPAN after which there should be a 15-digit acknowledgement number and it should be sent to 57575. An SMS would be sent to the applicant who would show the PAN Card status.


This is the second method by which an individual can track their PAN card application. It is also a simple method of tracking the PAN application. In this method, the applicant has to call the call centre of TIN in order to get an update about the current application status of the PAN card of applicant.


PAN card holders can choose the online facility for tracking their application through TIN-NSDL website which is the official PAN Card website.

Tracking PAN Application Status Using the Online Medium

Tracking of PAN application online is one of the best and the fastest mode of tracking the PAN application, and the applicants are required to follow these steps in order to track the PAN status online:

  1. The first step that comes in this procedure of tracking of PAN application is to log on to the website of PAN Card, i.e., TIN-NSDL.
  2. The next step which the applicant is required to do is to go to the PAN section of the opened window screen. There will be an option for checking the status of PAN application, the applicant needs to click on that option.
  3. After selecting the option to check the status of PAN application, the applicant is then required to choose the application type and then provide certain information like the 15- digit acknowledgement number, his/her full name and the date of birth of the applicant.
  4. After all the information is successfully provided, the applicant of the PAN card will be directly directed to the page which contains the current status of the PAN application.


An applicant of the PAN card should check the status of the PAN card application only after 5 days from the date of 15-digit numbered acknowledgement or 10-digit from UTI Coupon Generated.


In order to check the PAN application status, the applicant is required to possess these two important things, which are as under:

  • Acknowledgement number, if the applicant has applied for their PAN card through NSDL.
  • Coupon number, if the applicant has applied for their PAN card through UTI.


A PAN applicant who has applied for a PAN card can check their PAN status with the help of their 15-digit acknowledgement number. An acknowledgement number is a 15-digit number which is used for tracking PAN card through online PAN status portal.


The applicant can check their PAN status through name by providing his/her full name and also providing their Date of Birth (DOB).

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PAN Transaction Status

There are many facilities available to all the individuals those who apply to get a PAN card. The individual can pay through the help of internet banking, through the help of demand draft or credit/debit cards. The transaction status is only meant for such individual who have paid using their credit/debit cards or online using internet banking. Such applications can be tracked using the online mode. The applicants have to open the official site of the PAN card, which is, TIN-NSDL and then go to the Transaction Status page where the applicants gets the current update about their respective PAN application. Then in the next step,  the applicant is then supposed to provide the Transaction Number which has been allotted after the payment has been made, his/her name along with the date of birth to check their application status.

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