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The ownership of a house is one of the key signs of success among the fast-growing Indian middle class. As the income of the average Indian family increases, there has been a continuous increase in the desire to own a house and this has lead the price of property to reach unmatched highs in recent years. This is true for not just the big cities but also for smaller cities across India. This unbridled price rise has made it near impossible for the common man to purchase their home through just savings. This is among the major reasons for the home loan business to have witnessed unmatched growth in recent years. So much so that prospective home buyers have multiple options to seek a home loan from banks as well as NBFCs.


Home Loan Characteristics

Here we have enumerated different features of a home loan to help you understand the home loans in a better way.

  • When granting a home loan, the lender uses your property (home) in order to secure the loan. Due to use of your house as collateral, home loans are secured loans that involve a low level of risk for the lender. If you are unable to pay the loan for any reason, the lender can legally auction off your property to retrieve the outstanding loan amount.
  • Being a secured loan, interest rate of a home loan is comparatively lower than the interest rate of an unsecured loan, such as a personal loan.
  • The amount of the home loan can vary based on your income, credit history, the locality/city you are planning the purchase in and various other factors. You can apply for a home loan jointly with your spouse, family members or others as co-applicants.
  • Home loans usually have longer repayment tenures which range from 5 years to 30 years. The repayment time period for a home loan is fixed at the time you apply for home loan.
  • Prepayment of a home loan can also be done. Some home loan providers charge a prepayment fee if you prepay a loan while some do not. Therefore, home buyers should compare the home loans available to find the best home loan offers.
  • The Equated Monthly Installment (EMI) is the money you pay each month to repay your home loan principal amount and its interest amount. Thus when calculating the Home Loan EMI, both the accrued interest on the loan and the principal amount are taken into account. You can use the home loan EMI calculator to calculate the EMI which you will have to pay for your home loan.
  • Home loan includes a number of associated charges, such as registration charge, processing fee, penalty on prepayment, commitment charge and miscellaneous charges (documentation/consultation).
  • Banks usually maintain a margin of at least 20% when sanctioning a home loan. Thus, the home loan amount provided to you only covers a maximum of 80% of the estimated value of the house being purchased. Additional costs such as down payment, registration costs, etc. have to be borne by you.
  • You can avail tax benefits on your home loan as per provisions of the IT Act, 1961, which are subject to change. 


Types of Home Loans

With people becoming more and more open to home loans, loan providers are coming up with better and more attractive home loans. With a host of cheaper home loans on the offer, it is best to compare home loans first and then make a purchase.

Home loan is a relatively broad category, as it not only includes a bank loan for purchasing a new or existing house. Loan providers are offering Home loans for different purposes according to the changing needs of the customer.

Home loan can be of the following sub-types:

  • Home Purchase Loans: As evident by the name, this type of home loan can be availed when buying a new home. You can find the best home loans in India at Paisabazaar and compare home loans against various criterions.
  • Land Purchase Loans/Plot Loans: The land purchase loan may be availed in order to complete the purchase of a plot of land for construction or as an investment. Land purchase loans are just like a home loan, the only difference being that this loan is used to purchase a vacant plot. The term, the interest rate and procedure for both home loan and land purchase loan are similar.
  • Home Construction Loans: This type of home loan can be availed for the construction of a house. Such a loan is granted only if you already own a plot of land and plan to start construction of your house on it.
  • Home Improvement Loans: Home improvement loans are increasingly becoming popular as its interest rates are similar to home loans interest rates. These loans can be availed when you are planning to renovate or make repairs to your current home.
  • Home Conversion Loans: If you already own a house with an existing home loan and are planning to purchase a new house, you can opt for a home conversion loan.
  • Home Extension Loans: With time you might feel the need to add more space to your house for varied reasons, such as a growing family. Opt for this home loan type when you plan to increase your living area and extend your existing home.
Types of Home Loan

Home loan eligibility criteria include the criterion the loan applicant needs to satisfy in order to be eligible for a home loan. Every lender has different home loan eligibility criteria but they judge the loan applicant's credibility based on some common criteria, such as age, income, work experience and credit history.

The criteria with respect to eligibility for a home loan tend to vary from one lender to another. Following are some key requirements to be taken into consideration:

Target Group:  Any salaried, self-employed or professional individual of Indian nationality can apply for a home loan.

Age Criteria:  The loan applicant must be aged 21 years or above

Income Criteria: 

  • The applicant needs to have a regular source of income to improve the chances of regular repayment. Having a regular income source helps the loan provider to assess the borrower's repayment capacity.
  • For self-employed individuals, profit earned by you majorly determines the housing loan value you are eligible for.

Employment Experience:  The applicant's professional stability i:e the work experience of the applicant.

Credit History:  Credit history is another major deciding factor for availing a housing loan. A clean credit history will help in quick loan approval.

Checking your eligibility prior before you apply for a home loan is a better option for it lets you understand your status of eligibility and know where you lack. You can check whether you are eligible for a home loan or not by going through using Paisa Bazaar's home loan eligibility conditions.

Applying for home loans online or offline requires the borrower to submit a list of documents as demanded by the loan provider. Documents required for home loan vary as per the employment type of the individual, i.e. salaried or self-employed.

Know your customer (KYC) Income proof Current Loans Property documents
PAN Card Income tax return Account statements of current loans Property plan
Driving License Salary slip Account statements of loans where the borrower is a guarantor etc Sale deed
Passport Appointment letter   Approvals from local authorities etc
Ration Card etc Company ID card etc    


A generic list of documents required for a bank home loan application are as follows:

  • The completely filled and signed home loan application form
  • Recent photographs and investment proof (if any)
  • Proof of identity (photo copies of Voters ID card/ Aadhaar Card / PAN Card /Driving Licence).
  • Statements of investments, if any
  • Copy of document providing approval of proposed extension/construction plan.
  • Valuation/cost estimation report from evaluator approved by the NBFC or Bank
  • Additional documents such as municipal/society/builder NOC, allotment letter provided by housing board, etc.
  • Past six months’ salary slips and salary account statements in case of salaried applicant.
  • IT Dept. acknowledged copies of documents like Profit and loss statement and sales receipts that have been certified by a Charted Accountant.
  • Salary account bank statement and salary slips for salaried individual

In addition to these, you may have to also submit the following documents:

  • Acceptable address proof when applying for a home loan also include bank agreement, property tax receipt, Govt issued ID proofs and various utility bills like water, electricity and telephone.
  • Commonly accepted age proof documents include certificates of class 10th school leaving, birth certificate as well as passport and LIC policy premium payment receipt.

The home loan interest rates are currently based on the MCLR (marginal cost of lending rate) plus a spread on the MCLR depending upon the lender’s risk perception of the applicant. Almost every bank offers a competitive interest rate on housing loan to attract the prospective customers. In the housing loan market, lenders give away a host of home loan offers and deals to gain more customers and profit. However, as a borrower it is best to compare home loan rates of different banks and then finalize the one which suits your needs the best.

Loan providers offer either fixed or floating interest rate on housing loan. Fixed interest rate implies that the home loan interest rate will be fixed and you will need to pay fixed equal installments over the repayment tenure of the loan. In this case, home loan interest rates do not change with the market fluctuations. The main disadvantage with fixed interest rates is that they are usually 1-2.5 % higher as compared to the floating rate for housing loans. Furthermore, if any time during the loan tenure the home loan interest rates decrease, the fixed interest rate remains unchanged and the borrower continues to pay the same amount every time.

Floating interest rate applied on housing loans changes with the market conditions. The interest rates on home loans on floating interest are calculated according to a base rate plus a floating rate. So, whenever the base rate changes the floating interest rate gets changed with it. The major benefit with floating interest rate loans is that they are cheaper home loans as compared to the house loans with fixed interest rates. The only disadvantage with a floating interest rate house loan is that the monthly instalments are never fixed and are subject to change with time.

When it comes to choosing between fixed and floating interest rates on home loans, a majority of home loan borrowers choose floating interest rates. However, the choice is up to the borrower, whatever suits his needs is the best option. Before zeroing in on your choice, it is recommended to the compare home loan from different lenders. 

Top Banks Home Loan Interest Rates & Processing Fee in 2018

Bank Name Home Loan Interest Rates Processing Fee MCLR Rates
SBI Home Loan 8.30% onwards Rs. 0 - 10,000 8.00%
HDFC Bank 8.35% onwards Up to 0.5% of loan amt 8.15%
ICICI Bank 8.35% onwards 0.5% - 1.00% of loan amt. 8.20%
IndiaBulls 8.35% onwards Up to 1% of loan amt  
DHFL 8.35% onwards Up to 1% of loan amt  
Axis Bank 8.35% onwards Up to 1% of loan amt 8.25%
Yes Bank 9.35% to 10.50% 0.5% of the loan amount or Rs 10000 8.80%
LIC Housing Finance 8.35% onwards For up to 1 Cr - Rs 5000 , Above 1 Cr Rs 10,000  

Buying your home is a big investment and requires good amount of financial planning before making the commitment. It is not possible for most of us to buy a home out of our pocket, it isn't a wise decision either. Availing finance for purchasing property is the best way to own a house, here's why:

Own your property without straining your budget

Buying a home is one of the biggest financial investments one makes in his lifetime and funding it completely on your income can harm your financial stability. Rather than spending all your savings on buying property, it is best to take a home loan and pay it back in parts or EMIs. Paying back the home loan in EMIs helps you get your own house without straining your budget.

Tax benefits

You can avail home loan tax benefits under section 24 of the Income Tax Act. By taking a home loan you can claim tax exemptions of up to Rs. 2 lakhs for interest component of your EMI paid during the financial year. You can also claim tax benefit of Rs. 1.5 lakh of principal paid during the financial under the Section 80 C of Income Tax Act.

If your spouse is a co-applicant with you in the home loan then both the applicants can double your tax benefits. The applicant and the co-applicants, both are separately eligible for both interest and principal tax benefits while computing tax under the above-mentioned sections of Income Tax Act.

Build your credit history

By taking a home loan, you can build up your credit history. Credit history is the financial record of an individual which shows the past borrowing and repaying record of the individual. Credit history is an important factor which every lender considers before giving a loan. If the credit history of an individual is good, there will be no issues in the loan sanction process, whereas if an individual's credit history is bad he might be denied a loan. Home loan is a good way to build a credit history as home loans are long term loans and you get enough time to build a good credit history.

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How to Choose the Perfect Home Loan at Lowest Interest Rate

When choosing a home loan, you first need to commit to a budget for the home and stick to it. This first step is crucial as it will affect not only the EMI you have to pay per month but also the tenure and interest rate for your loan. Before you zero-in on your home loan make sure you do exhaustive research and compare the home loans. To make this endeavor of yours easier Paisabzaar is there at your rescue. At Paisa Bazaar, you can find the best home loan options in the loan market.

Use the Paisabazaar EMI calculator to compare the various home loan options available to you before you decide to apply for the home loan. Applying for home loans online was never so easy!


Factors to consider for choosing the perfect home loan:

  • Loan disbursal time:
    The time for home loan disbursal varies from one bank to another, usually a lender takes anywhere around 10-15 days for loan processing and disbursal. Choose a home loan provider which takes lesser time and does not cause unnecessary delays in home loan processing.
  • Loan eligibility:
    Home loan eligibility criteria vary from one lender to another. The usual eligibility of an individual is determined by his age, income, work profile and stability, credit history, etc. It is best to check the eligibility using home loan eligibility crieteria to be sure whether you are eligible for the loan or not.
  • Rate of interest- fixed or floating: Some home loan providers charge fixed and some floating rate of interest on home loans. Fixed interest rates are considered ideal for shorter tenure loans and floating for longer tenure loans. Some lenders even offer hybrid home loans in which the borrower can enjoy the benefit of both fixed and floating interest rates.
  • Hidden charges:
    Loan providers levy a number of additional charges, such as the processing charge, prepayment or foreclosure charge, etc. It is best to read the fine print before making the final choice so that you do not end up feeling pick-pocketed when such charges are levied.
  • Terms and conditions associated with the home loan:
    List of terms and conditions pertaining to repayment, prepayment, loan transfer, and many other things related to the home loan should also be taken into account while choosing a home loan.
  • State Bank of India (SBI)
    State Bank of India is among the largest banking and financial services companies in India according to assets. SBI is a government-owned Indian multinational corporation headquartered Mumbai, Maharashtra. The SBI home loan eligibility criteria includes applying for a home loan for various purposes including purchase of new house or flat, purchase of land, renovation or repair or extension of existing house or flat etc. State Bank of India offers a wide array of home loan products tailored to meet the requirement of diverse customer segments. 
  • Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC)
    Housing Development Finance Corporation Limited (HDFC Ltd.), is among India's largest private housing finance companies, It is renowned for a variety of financing options including home loans, home improvement loans and home extension loans. HDFC home loan is still considered to be HDFC Bank's major business.
  • LIC Housing Finance Limited
    LIC Housing Finance Limited (LIC HFL) is one of the largest Public Housing Finance companies in India headquartered at Mumbai. Though the original business of Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) was insurance, the company's entry into the home loan market has made this market even more competitive for the players occupying the market. LIC HFL operates a completely separate fully owned subsidiary of Life Insurance Corporation of India. The LIC home loan offered by LIC HFL provides long term finance of up to 30 years for construction, purchase, repairs, renovation, extension, plot purchase and much more.
  • PNB Housing Finance Limited
    PNB Housing Finance Limited (PNBHFL) is a public sector housing finance company headquartered at New Delhi and has branches across India. The company is an ancillary of Punjab National Bank and is registered with the National Housing Bank. The umbrella of PNB home loan includes products such as Home Purchase Loans, Home Construction Loans, Home Extension Loans, Home Improvement Loans and Plot Loans.
  • Axis Bank
    Axis Bank Limited (formerly UTI Bank) is among the largest private sector banks in India. Axis Bank home loan features competitive lending rates, balance transfer facility, doorstep service, zero foreclosure charges and quick processing times similar to the business model provided by Axis Bank for its other services. Axis Bank Home Loans can be availed for up to 30 years at fixed or floating rate of interest.
    YES BANK is India’s fifth largest private sector bank with more than 1040 branches and 1800 ATMs spread across the length and breadth of the country. Headquartered in Mumbai, the bank offers superior customer experience to its retail, corporate and emerging corporate banking clients. In addition, the bank is marking its presence in home loan sector with YES KHUSHI Home Loans. KHUSHI Home is primarily targeted towards customers having formal, semi-formal and informal income documents. It aims to fulfil a common man’s dream to own a house while keeping their unique financial requirements in mind. brings you a free-of-cost home loan EMI calculator so that you can make an informed decision regarding if your chosen loan option is actually affordable. Additionally, the home loan EMI calculator is an effective tool for comparing different loan options that are available to you.

There are only a few details that you need to fill out in order to get the EMI amount payable – The loan principal, the applicable interest rate and the loan tenure. If done by hand, this calculation takes much longer, but Paisabazaar’s home loan EMI calculator provides you with instant results that you can use to make informed decisions regarding whether a particular home loan is suitable for your situation or not.  

The aim of has always been to ensure that applying for and getting a loan or credit card approved should be a completely hassle-free process. With this in mind, Paisabazaar’s Home Loan Online Application process is designed to be simple and easy to use. Follow the subsequent steps in order to complete the home loan application and submit it electronically:

Step1. The key factors that help our loan eligibility tool include loan purpose - new house/old house or transfer of an existing loan – this helps narrow down the suitable product option. Next you have to input details regarding the property you intend to purchase i.e. plot, flat/house under construction or a house that has been already constructed.

Step2. Once you have provided details regarding your home loan requirement, you need to provide details about yourself, such as your net monthly salary, your city of residence, where you intend the property as well as your contact details. Once all fields on the page have been filled out you can click on the “Unlock Best Offers” link to move on to the next phase of the application process.

Step3. On the subsequent page, you will be asked to provide some more details so that our eligibility tool can narrow down your loan options even further. Key details required to move along further in the loan application process include your current bank account provider, current EMI payouts, complete name as per PAN number, date of birth, PAN Card number, Pincode of current residence and whether you have a co-borrower for the loan.

Step4. Once all the above fields have been filled out with valid data, you can click on the button below to view the best offers that are available to you. Moreover, we will provide you with your Experian Credit Report absolutely free as this helps us determine the best offers for you as well as increases the chances of your success with respect to receiving a home loan payout.

Various banks and NBFCs offer home loans in India, find the list below:-

Best Home Loan Providers in India

Abhyudaya Co Operative Bank Home Loan HDFC Bank Home Loan Reliance Home Finance  Home Loan
Allahabad Bank Home Loan HSBC Bank Home Loan Saraswat Bank Home Loan
Andhra Bank Home Loan ICICI Bank Home Loan South Indian Bank Home Loan
Axis Bank Home Loan IDBI Bank Home Loan Standard Chartered Bank Home Loan
Bajaj Finserv  Home Loan India Infoline Finance Limited  Home Loan State Bank Of Bikaner And Jaipur Home Loan
Bank Of Baroda Home Loan Indiabulls  Home Loan State Bank Of Hyderabad Home Loan
Bank Of India Home Loan Indian Bank Home Loan State Bank of India Home Loan
Bank Of Maharashtra Home Loan Indian Overseas Bank Home Loan State Bank Of Mysore Home Loan
Canara Bank Home Loan IndusInd Bank Home Loan State Bank Of Patiala Home Loan
Central Bank Of India Home Loan Jammu Kashmir Bank Home Loan Sundaram Finance  Home Loan
Citi Bank Home Loan Karnataka Bank Home Loan Syndicate Bank Home Loan
Corporation Bank Home Loan Karur Vysya Bank Home Loan Tamilnad Mercantile Bank Home Loan
Cosmos Bank Home Loan Kotak Mahindra Bank Home Loan Tata Capital  Home Loan
Dena Bank Home Loan LIC Housing Finance  Home Loan Uco Bank Home Loan
Deutsche Bank Home Loan  Muthoot Finance  Home Loan Union Bank Of India Home Loan
Dhanlaxmi Bank Home Loan Oriental Bank Of Commerce Home Loan Vijaya Bank Home Loan
DHFL  Home Loan PNB Housing  Home Loan Yes Bank Home Loan
Federal Bank Home Loan Punjab National Bank Home Loan  
Fullerton India  Home Loan RBL Bank Home Loan  

Either purchasing or constructing a home, both require a substantial investment to make. It is not possible to fund your home purchase or construction out of your pocket. Hence, it is best to avail a home loan as per your requirement. But, with so many housing loan products at hand, finding the best home loan becomes a time-taking and exhausting job. Not to worry, Paisa Bazaar is there at your rescue to lend a helping hand in your home loan search process. is an unbiased comparison portal, allowing you to analyze various home loan deals available in the market according to the key data provided by you. You will need to enter some basic information related to your housing loan requirements which includes the purpose for availing the home loan, city where you wish to buy property, loan amount, loan tenure and your employment type. Based on the above mentioned details, we will provide you with the best home loan options that you can avail. We give you the opportunity to compare the best home loans in India against different parameters and choose the one which suits you the best.

Our Home Loan Eligibility Calculator enables you to view the types of home loans you are eligible for and helps you assess your eligibility for home loan online. As all banks and financial institutions have different criteria or specifications, it is important that you first check which ones you qualify for. Our calculator informs you about the eligibility criteria, repayment options, types of interest rates, etc. eventually helping you in selecting higher loan amounts at lower interest rates , i.e. LMIs.

Further, we also have a user-friendly home loan EMI calculator which helps you calculate the amount which you will need to pay monthly in order to repay your home loan. You will need to enter a few inputs in the EMI calculator, such as loan amount, loan tenure and interest rate on the loan. On the basis of your inputs the calculator will show an amount which will be your monthly EMI for your home loan. Our EMI calculator helps you assess your repayment capacity before opting for the home loan.


With you can avail a host of benefits, such as:

Q. Can I get a home loan for the entire property value?

Ans - No. Banks usually keep a 20% margin when providing individuals with a home loan. This means that the lender may agree to provide you with 80% of the property value as a home loan, while you will have to shell out the rest 20% by yourself. In some cases, the lender can agree to provide you with up to 90% of the property value as a home loan.

Q. Are there any tax benefits of a home loan?

Ans- Yes. Both the loan principal amount and the interest paid towards loan repayments provide tax benefits under Section 80C and Section 24 of the IT Act respectively.

Q. Who can co-sign a home loan with me? Can my friend co-sign a home loan for a flat?

Ans- Various family members like father, mother, siblings, etc. can co-sign a home loan with you. other than that your spouse or adult children can also be co-signors in case you are applying for a home loan. In India, as per existing rules, your friend cannot co-sign a loan as he/she is not a blood relative or otherwise related to you.

Q. How many people can co-sign a home loan with me?

Ans- At present, up to 7 people can co-sign a home with the primary applicant. However, all of those need to be blood- relatives of the family member.

Q. Are there any prepayment charges in case of a home loan?

Ans- In case of a floating rate home loan, lenders don't charge a pre-payment penalty as per RBI directives however a penalty may be applied in case of prepayment a fixed-rate home loan. You can visit the Home Loan FAQs page for additional details on home loans.

Home Loan Interest Rates by Banks and Intitutions*

Home Loan Provider

Home Loan Interest Rates

Home Loan Processing Fees


8.30% onwards

Rs. 0 - 10,000


8.35% onwards

Up to 0.5% of loan amt


8.35% onwards

0.5% - 1.00% of loan amt.


8.50% onwards

Rs 10000


8.35% onwards

Up to 1% of loan amt

LIC Housing Finance

8.35% onwards

For up to 1 Cr - Rs 5000 , Above 1 Cr Rs 10,000

PNB Housing Finance

8.35% onwards

Up to 1% of loan amt


8.35% onwards

Up to 1% of loan amt

Axis Bank

8.35% onwards

Up to 1% of loan amt


8.35% onwards

0.5% of loan amount

Tata Capital

8.75% onwards

0.2% of loan amt.

Punjab National Bank

8.35% onwards


Bank of India

8.40% onwards

Min. 1000 and Max. Rs. 20,000

Syndicate Bank

8.45% onwards

Min. 500 to Max. 5,000

Canara Bank

8.35% onwards

Varies based on applicant profile

United Bank of India

8.55% onwards

Varies based on applicant profile


8.50% onwards

0.75% of the loan amount (minimum Rs. 5,000)


8.55% onwards

0.25% of the loan amount or (Rs. 5,000 for Salaried & 10000 for Self Employed)


8.50% onwards

0.25% of the loan amount or (Rs. 5,000 for Salaried & 10000 for Self Employed)


*The interest rates provided above are of key Banks and Housing Companies Operating in India, indicative and liable to change periodically. The final interest rate charged by the bank to the customer would be based on various other factors at the discretion of the lender.

The variation in Home Loan Interest rates may occur on the basis of key factors such as applicant’s credit score, prior lender-borrower relationship and the loan amount applied for.

Home Loan
4.2 / 5 (10 Reviews)

Home Loan

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The website is very nice. Right now I am just planning to apply for a home loan. I downloaded my credit score and used the free tools to check my eligibility and the EMIs that I would have to pay on my loan. This website helped me a lot to plan my budget better for future. Very nice and helpful..Read more...

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I applied for this SBI home loan and to my surprise I got the loan amount within a week. I was worried about as I have never used online process for banking or financial services. Paisabazaar was very helpful and the customer service people were very nice and polite. Good job by Paisabazaar.

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